Happy New Year

I’ve been reading so many Facebook posts from friends and friends of friends, all saying what a terrible year 2016 was, and how they can’t wait for 2017 and how it better be better. Here’s my response:

Even throughout the dark days I did have in 2016, and there were many, and all the awful things that happened in the world, you won’t hear me put the year down, because there were also so many good things that happened too.
I prefer to spend my energy focused on the good – all the people who came together after every tragic news story. All the people who came together to mourn and tell personal stories after each celebrity passed away – stories of their charitable giving we knew nothing about, or how they reached out to others in ways we didn’t know. I prefer to remember the spirit of humanity at work at Aleppo, or the number of people who gave to help others this Christmas, even if it was a sacrifice for themselves.
It’s too easy to say “2016 was horrible” because the media makes it easy when they bombard us with horrible stuff. Sometimes you have to dig deep to find the good stuff, but it’s worth it. So, that’s what I do, and that’s why I’ll never say it’s been a terrible year. It’s been an amazing year, in so many tiny, fabulous, courageous ways. And I expect even more in 2017.
To anyone reading this, Happy New Year. My wish for you is more of everything that makes you happy. Stay safe as you celebrate and remember:
there is always hope

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