August Link Ups

August Link Ups for A Chronic Voice
I’m taking part in my very first Link Ups on the blog A Chronic Voice.  Sheryl is the Authoress of the page and she hosts these online parties every month, providing 5 word prompts to help get us writing. We’re allowed to submit one post per month utilizing these prompts, so I thought I’d give it a go.

Prompts for the Month

  1. Figuring
  2. Completing
  3. Boring
  4. Cuddling
  5. Chatting

1.Figuring: I spend a lot of time figuring out what I want to share with my readers when I’m writing up new blog posts. A lot of my posts have to do with my own personal health, but sometimes I switch things up and share about other things, such as our pets that bring us such comfort when we’re feeling ill, or about body image or feeling invisible. But I often wonder if that’s what my readers want, or if they want more generalized posts about Fibro and Invisible Illnesses, so I second guess myself a lot. I’m a fairly new blogger, having only seriously been at it for the last 3 months now. I think my best bet is to mix it up and include a variety of posts and see what type of comments and traffic I get and just decide from there if I’m doing the right thing.
2. Completing: When I’m in pain, I tend to start a lot of different projects to keep my mind busy, but I’m not always good about completing them. I have half done crafts all over the place – artwork I’ve started and never finished, a multi-media piece that I don’t know what to do with, beads that I want to make something with, polymer clay that I want to create with, crochet needles and yarn that I bought to teach myself how to make a scarf and a needlepoint kit of a cow, because I love cows. I need to learn how to focus on one thing at a time, complete that particular project and then move on to something new instead of having 6 different things going and none of them being worked on.
3. Boring: Being housebound because of Chronic Illness can be awfully boring sometimes. You wouldn’t think so with all the things I have that I could be doing, like all the projects I just mentioned. I could also be watching Netflix or reading a book or making a coffee date, but here’s the thing…most of the time, I hurt too much to consider doing much of anything at all. I try not to complain to anyone, least of all my husband, but most days, I start off by having a wee cry. The rest of the day is basically one long blur of bore with each day the same as the one before. I’m always up super early because I don’t sleep well, I spend a lot of time on Facebook, I work on my blog, I play a few Facebook games, I spend time with our cat Dorie, and I wait for the mail. Hubby comes home, we have dinner, he goes to bed fairly early, I do more on Facebook or my blog and finally, around midnight, I try going to sleep, just to wake up at 4am to start all over again. Boring!
4. Cuddling: I am 5’2″ tall and my husband Ray is 6’5″ tall. You wouldn’t think so, but it makes for perfect cuddling!  When I hug him, my ear is right at the level of his heart and I can hear how his heartbeat quickens when we connect like that. Laying together, we fit like two perfect pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, each body part meshing with the other. We spoon together, I snuggle up to him – no matter how we cuddle together, it’s always a perfect fit.
5. Chatting: I love chatting online with people and the one thing I can honestly say about myself is that I love to help other people. I stay up to date on current affairs, but mostly, I’m a counsellor. I like to listen to people and it seems they naturally like to share their problems with me. I’ve lived an interesting life and have a lot of common sense, so I enjoy offering them good old fashioned advice like Ann Landers. That’s why I was delighted to find websites like Quora and The Mighty  – they’re perfect for me. I’m able to share my knowledge and wisdom with others while learning at the same time.
So, there we have it, my first attempt at the Link Up Challenge! I hope you all enjoy the read and decide to follow me for more of my posts. Just click the little “follow me” button on the right side of the page and voila! you’re done! You’ll get an email every time I post something new.
Thanks for your ongoing support. I blog to share my thoughts, to educate the public on Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Invisible Illness and to give from the heart. Remember…
There is always hope

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  1. My spouse is 6’6″ and I am 5’4″ and you are right it makes for great cuddling. It is like being just surrounded. I also have been having a lot of issues with boredom due to limitations in what I can do. It is frustrating

      • Lately, when symptoms are a bit better and I have some mental clarity, I have been trying to write my latest book. It is difficult because motivation to do it when I feel so ill is hard.

  2. Thanks for participating in the August linkup Pamela, and yay for your first sharing! Interesting point about the height differences, ha! I used to know a couple that was exactly like that, and we always wondered how they got it on…sounds like it’s a perfect fit! 😉 I hope you manage to find something you enjoy creating and are able to stick to until completion. Show us the end product when it’s done, would love to see it…am always impressed with people who can make stuff with their hands…I’m terrible with crafts 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing your perspective. I can totally relate to starting half a dozen projects, but not finishing any of them. I’m the same way! Being creative is a balancing act between variety and focus 🙂

  4. Hi Pamela! I’m visiting you through Sheryl’s linkup party for August on A Chronic Voice. I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I really enjoyed your article for this month and wanted to make sure I commented on what you said about half-completed craft projects. I laughed because I have half-completed projects all over my home as well. I’m 5’6 by the way and my husband is 6’9, so it sounds like we are a pair. I’ll be back to see what you are up to soon. It’s nice meeting you!

  5. I loved this! You’d never think it was your first LUP post – it was excellent. I really liked your “figuring” section – I spend a lot of time figuring out my posts too: am I being too honest, personal, are they too short, too long? Looking forward to reading your next post if you take part again 😃

  6. I struggle with the same blogging issues! I’m not always sure what my audience really wants. I just entered this today because I haven’t done one before and it’s sort of a relief to just write without having to figure out keywords, SEO, graphics, etc., etc.
    Enjoyed your article! And I can totally relate with your “complete” struggles! I have paper and stickers everywhere.

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