Wistful Thinking

I’m taking part in another Blog challenge. This one is a #BlogBattle and involves the use of the word Moon:

The moon makes me wistful, it’s so far away yet it’s filled with the dreams and the hopes of the men
and the women who knew that one day, they would walk on it’s surface, they just didn’t know when
And all those years ago now from when it first happened, we haven’t been back and I worry about why
Does the moon feel left out? Does it ever feel lonely? I wonder if Moons even know how to cry?
It probably thought we were first of the many who would come to pay homage and visit and stay
But after the hoopla and the sciencing was over, we all said goodbye and we rocketed away
Now the Moon overlooks us, and I overlook it and I’m wistfully thinking I’d like to go there
What a joy it would be just to soar in the sky and perhaps see my home as I fly through the air
Imagine my new home where my body could be free of the earthly restrictions I currently feel
My pain would be less as I soar spaceless and free, now that sounds to me like one heck of a deal!
Alas, I don’t think that dream is likely to come true, but I can sure be inspired when I look at the Moon
And one never knows as our science evolves, perhaps someday I might get there, sooner than soon.  🙂
there is always hope
~ Pamela ~

0 thoughts on “Wistful Thinking

  1. Lovely piece Pamela. I can feel empathy in the words wanting to ride free of the pain. I’ve learnt a great deal about these conditions and their impact through bloggers living with it.
    Really enjoyed this piece. I do hope you can conjure more up for future prompts too.

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  3. It’s great to have a poetic piece in the mix, too! I hope we get our act together as the human race and advance the cause of science so that the Moon and other planets don’t remain the province of sci-fi only.

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