courage is not just the roar of a lion
but sometimes a kitten who’s found his meow
courage is often the strength of a person with pain who has learned
that forever starts now
courage is knowing that waking means facing a day
where it hurts just to breathe in the air
and everything aches from the tip of your toes
to your legs and your arms and the ends of your hair
but still you get up (or not, it’s okay if you have to
stay in the bed, no one will mind) because courage is knowing that
that’s what you do and you face the day head on, and see what you find
you take nothing for granted and are silently grateful for every
blessing that passes your way
because courage is not just the roar of a lion
but the strength of a pain warrior who faces each day

there is always hope

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  1. Hello Pamela I found you through the Senior Salon link up. What a beautiful poem and so true. There is courage in us all and sometimes we need to call on that courage even for small things. Take care and it is lovely to connect with you. Have a beautiful day.
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

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