Author Interview

April 8, 2019

Author Interview

As this blog continues to grow, I find myself often wanting to post about things that aren’t specific to Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia or Invisible Illness. I had a thought about starting a second blog, and then decided I would simply expand here and have a separate spot for my “other musings”.

A good place to start might be by doing an “author interview” – answering some of the questions that I’ve been asked over the last couple of years of writing this blog. It’s not a complete list, but I thought it was a great start. Here goes!

How Do You Seek To Inspire Your Readers?

I want Readers to be inspired by the thought and care that goes into the posts I write. Because I too live with Chronic Pain, Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and Invisible Illnesses, I understand what it’s like to be in pain 24/7. I understand the despair that can come with Chronic Illness and the frustration as well as the learning curve when you’re first diagnosed. I hope that Readers will recognize that I’m on their side, telling their story and writing about the things that impact all of us.

What Are Three Things About You That Might Surprise Us?

One thing is that I have quite a temper and am quick to anger over injustice. Nothing hurts me more than to see others being hurt or abused.

Hmm, let’s see. A second thing would be that I used to sing in a Women’s Barbershop Chorus and Quartet. I had to give it up for health reasons, but I’ve even done a recording with my chorus – a Christmas CD called Jingle Belles, and my quartet performed on it as well. Here is a link to my quartet singing Marshmallow World:

Last thing…I went swimming with Stingrays back in 2011 with my husband while we were on a cruise. I got to hug one and have kisses…take a look:

What Advice Would You Give Your 21 Year Old Self?

Take care of your health now – it’s going to be a problem when you’re older!!

Get as much education as possible. Never turn down a chance to learn.

Don’t be so focused on wanting to find the perfect man. Work on becoming the woman you want to be and everything else will fall into place.

Never settle for “just a job”. Find something you’re passionate about and work will never be a chore.

Do You Think You’re Strong?

Yes, I do. Physically I have to be, to get through living with Chronic Pain day in and day out. Mentally, that’s even harder. Add in a “people pleaser” personality and it can be tough to get through each day. I hate feeling like I’m not capable of holding my own, but when you can’t manage a daily task without needing a nap afterwards, guilt can be a constant companion. It takes a lot of toughness to deal with Chronic Illness.

I have been blessed with a positive outlook on life, which I think has been one of the best gifts I could have received. I deal with stress as everyone else does, but I’ve always been able to look at the bright side of things.

What Was The Most Important Thing You’ve Done So Far?

Oh, that’s tough. I’m going to cheat and say starting this blog, plus the volunteer work that I do.

What Are You Proud Of?

My volunteer work. I am a Patient Advocate who works with Health Care Partners in my home province of BC to effect change in Health Care. I am the voice of the Patient when HCP’s require that in their engagements. It’s busy work – I sit on 4 different committees at the moment – but I love it. I know that the work I’m doing is actually having an impact and I’ve seen it in during the “closing the loop” portion of an engagement.

Are you successful? How Do You Assess It?

I think I am successful and I assess it through the comments I receive on this blog from the posts I write. I’m having an impact on people and that’s what I want to do. Success doesn’t mean big money for me, although it would be nice if my blog made money. Success is knowing that I’m reaching people and helping them and the comments and thanks I get are my rewards.

What Is The Most Important Thing You Would Like Your Readers To Take Away From Reading Your Posts?

I want people to know that I understand what they’re going through and I’m on their side. I want to help by producing the best quality writing I can with relevant posts that actually add value to someone’s life.

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  1. Hi Pamela, thank you for giving us a deeper look at who you are. It’s always nice to find out more about our peers. Wishing you a great weekend! 🙂

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