Published on The Mighty

The Mighty is an amazing website that describes itself as follows:

“we are” a digital health community created to empower and connect people facing health challenges and disabilities.

They have over 600 topics on their site, discussing illnesses such as Mental Health, Autism, Cancer, Chronic Pain, Rare Disease, Disability, plus other topics including Parenting, Lifestyle, Takeaways, videos, and more. They welcome contributions from everyone – once you submit an article, it is reviewed by an editor. If it is approved, you become A Mighty Writer with your own page and are able to submit as many articles as you wish, on as many subjects as you wish.

I took a chance and wrote an article about my experience with the Lady Garden. It was accepted and so when you click on the Published on The Mighty link, it takes you to my Profile. You can read that article there.

A second article was not accepted as they preferred to use it for a new initiative they are introducing. I will be publishing it soon and will include a link here when it is available for everyone to read.