Affiliate Marketing

I have been fortunate enough to come across several different affiliate marketing offers that I’m able to offer to my readers, so I’ve created a page just for you, to keep them all in one area. Full Disclaimer – I will earn a small commission for purchases made from the links on this page.

These links are for products that I believe in. I will talk about them at various times, but I am not a multi-level marketer who will be pushing you into buying all the time.



Axon Optics Migraine Relief Glasses


Did you know your painful migraine could be triggered by certain wavelengths of light?


Keep the good light. Block the bad. Get eyewear from Axon Optics.


The Wright Stuff Health Care Products


The Wright Stuff Health Care Products is my newest addition to the Affiliates I’m working with. Are you looking for Home Care Aids for Independent Living in your Kitchen? The Living Room? Bathroom? or More? The Wright Stuff has everything you need, including Mobility Aids!! Check them out now and save!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ allows you to download a huge variety of yoga classes online, as well as to train as a yoga instructor if you so desire. Click on the image below for more information and start learning yoga at all levels – beginner, advanced and professional.

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Hemi-Sync® is home to the largest online collection of content to help you relax, focus, meditate, sleep and lead a more vibrant life. Click on the image below to visit the website for more information. Use Promo Code HOLIDAY20 at Checkout to save 20%!



Super Naturals Health

Although they don’t ship to Canada, I have had the opportunity to speak to many people who have used the IBS Solution from Super Naturals Health with excellent results – no more issues with constipation and diarrhea competing with each other in their digestive tracks, flaring up their IBS and causing them so much misery. This all-natural supplement works gently but effectively and is perfect for vegans and those who require a Gluten Free diet.


The Super Naturals Sleep Solution is designed to get you sleeping naturally and comfortably without a long wait time. This all natural Gluten Free Vegan product is sourced from the finest ingredients and works hard at relaxing you for a refreshing night’s sleep.


Sock Fancy


Who doesn’t love new socks!!! Who doesn’t love fun patterns in every imaginable style and colour? How about customizing your own pattern??? I’ve just signed up with Sock Fancy to sell their socks on my site because their monthly sock program is so much fun. You get a fun pair of socks in a surprise pattern every month for one low price, or you can design your own pair instead!!! If you love socks like I do, this is the place to buy them. Online and convenient!!! Sock Fancy…Let’s Do It!


Siteground Hosting

I recently moved my blog to Siteground Hosting so I have more control over my website. Siteground offers amazing pricing on their website hosting and fast service. Their uptime is amazing and so far, I’ve seen nothing but excellence with their service and support (I needed help with an email setup). If you’re looking for a new hosting site, or if you want to transfer to someone new, Siteground is definitely the way to go!


Life In Slow Motion

Life in Slow Motion is a website created by Esther Smith, who uses her personal experience as a patient and professional experience as a counsellor to help people address the physical, spiritual and emotional impact of chronic pain. She has created several courses to help people express themselves and to learn how to live with chronic pain and I’m proud to represent her products here. I’ve taken the Expressive Writing Course and recently started the What Really Helps course in October. If you’re interested in any of these courses, just click on the link for more information and to register.

  1. What Really Helps People With Chronic Pain
  2. 31 Days of Expressive Writing for Chronic Illness and Pain
  3. A Complete Guide to Pacing for Chronic Pain