ZenBev For Sleep and Anxiety

I’ve recently partnered with ZenBev to help me sleep better. As I’ve documented here in the past, I am an insomniac and sleep is a real issue for me. I’m either sleeping the full day away, or not sleeping at all…there’s no middle ground. 

I was tired of being tired, so looked into ZenBev and what a difference it’s making. I sleep better with normal hours and I don’t wake up groggy in the morning.  ZenBev drink mix is an organic sleep aid made from pumpkin seeds. The organic pumpkin seeds are cold pressed to remove the oil and then blended in a power formation that promotes sleep and eases anxiety naturally. Clinically proven to promote a natural and healthy sleep. 


What You Need To Know: 

  • Zenbev is clinically proven to promote a natural and healthy sleep.
  • Zenbev Powdered Drink Mix is a sleep aid comprised of natural tryptophan from organic certified pumpkin seeds, which are cold pressed to remove the oil and blended in a powder formulation that promotes sleep naturally.
  • The ZenBev product line was medically formulated by a physician to provide a food source of tryptophan from pumpkinseeds in a formulation that one’s body turns into natural serotonin & melatonin.
  • Zenbev is light sensitive, and works differently during the night and the day. At night, it stimulates your natural melatonin production. Taken during the day, ZenBev stimulates natural serotonin production to help alleviate anxiety and foster a relaxed, zen-like well being.

I hope you try this product for yourself and see the difference in a better sleep and less anxiety!